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About disinfection

Dear Guests
for me cleaning has always been a priority.
Today the new rules are only confirmation of my routine.
The Bathrooms have always been cleaned with detergent
and sanitizing products.
Towels are washed with soap and sanitizing then dried with tumble drier.
Linen are washed with soap and sanitizing.
Pillows are always sanitized. Often, during the season, I put new pillows.
I always took care of my personal higiene.
Fruit and vegetables are always with bicarbonate washed.
Now I have a new ozone generator for food.
I clean and disinfect split conditioner quite often during the summer.
I have a new ozone generator for rooms.
Everything is in order to preserve your health.
You just have to do your part: keep social distancing with the other guests, use the mask in the common area, keep your hands clean.
I will do the same.
I’m waiting for you!

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